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5 Features of Turkey to Expand Your Comfort Zone

Turkey offers you a comfortable life in many ways with its geographical, cultural, and many other features. 

But basically, since Turkey is a country with diversity and breadth in every sense (climate, culture, nation, geography, etc.), it is possible for you to feel comfortable in the country and get used to this comfort in a short time. Now let’s talk about some features that make you feel comfortable and can lead you to acquire this comfort habitually:

1. Variety of Holiday Options

Turkey is a large country in terms of area compared to European and Middle Eastern countries. There is also much climatic diversity due to the fact that 3 sides of the country are surrounded by sea and the height differences inland. This makes it possible to have varieties of different holidays in Turkey.

You can have a pleasant summer and winter in Turkey. You can do your favorite nature sports in different places every season and spend your holidays according to your taste in the country. For instance, if you want to have a vacation where you can go to the sea in the summer or go skiing in the winter or go on vacation in a snowy area, you can easily do all of this without leaving the country. You can easily visit all the attractions of the country by land or air, as well as by traveling in your personal car and traveling more comfortably.         

Don’t think of holidays in Turkey as only sea tourism or winter tourism. You can also take cultural trips or activities in any season you want. Since all four sides of Turkey are home to ancient civilizations, you can make cultural trips almost anywhere in the country. Whether you explore the magical and historical world of South East Anatolia, that is, Mesopotamia, visit the old cities established by the Mediterranean civilizations around the sea, or visit all the architectural and historical structures in Istanbul...

You see? You can spend your holiday anywhere in Turkey and schedule a holiday suitable for yourself, your taste, and your family. Doing all this without dealing with a visa or passport, without making any preparations for abroad, will provide you with a great comfort zone. After moving to Turkey and discovering the activities and holiday programs you can do, you will immediately want to schedule the next one and bring it to life!

2. The Warmth of People and the Feeling of Being Safe

Turkey consists of lands that have been home to different civilizations, beliefs, and cultures throughout history. This has ensured that people in Turkey are always warm-blooded, helpful, and understanding towards foreigners. One of the biggest features of the Turkish people is that their people are warm-blooded, as in the Mediterranean countries. When you ask someone for help in Turkey, you are never turned away.

The helpfulness of people and especially their hospitality will create a reasonably safe comfort zone for you when you start living in Turkey. The reason is that this society, which embraces everyone despite all its different characteristics and where everyone approaches each other with love, creates an environment where you can quickly raise your children and be happy to be a part of.

It is comforting to know that you live in a society where everyone accepts you, regardless of language, religion, or race. Raising your children in such an environment, commuting to work, spending your holidays will make you and your family feel safe! Despite all your differences, a Turkish person who wants to see what is familiar and especially prove their hospitality is always known for being caring and affectionate towards everyone. In particular, it is impossible for someone who lives in this culture, where the economic situation, money has never come before humanity, not to feel safe. Everyone you approach with goodwill and affection will try to show you more. It remains for you to enjoy it, too, to fill your heart with cheerful, positive, and caring emotions.

3. Diversity of Food and Drinks

This country’s cuisine, which has hosted so many cultures and dates back to such ancient times, is also so rich. Surrounded by different civilizations on all sides, the cuisine created by Turkey influenced by all cultures is also diverse and delicious.

Since each region of Turkey has a different climate and geographical conditions, many kinds of food are grown in Turkey, and it is quite easy to reach all of them. All these agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, and animals are used in abundance in culturally ancient cuisines.

You could find a different and local flavor specific to each region, city, or even village of Turkey. Discovering a new taste wherever you go and being able to access the most natural and delicious of anything you want will create a brand-new comfort zone in a short time. Whatever your taste in eating, in this culture where you can find delicious meals suitable for you, if you’re a little interested in the sociology and culture of food, it will make you ecstatic!

The meat, legumes, and appetizers culture of the Middle East, the Mediterranean’s cuisine with plenty of olive oil and greens, the Black Sea’s dishes with plenty of fish and corn will be a brand-new source of discovery for you, and some of them will indeed permeate your food culture in a way that you can’t give up in your life. In particular, some varieties of the Turkish breakfast will be indispensable, and you will like the dishes that Turks consume vegetables, meat, and many other foods in harmony. If you’re fond of eating food, perhaps one of the things that will motivate you the most to move to Turkey is Turkish cuisine.

4. A Way of Life Both Natural And Civilized

Cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are quite densely populated cities. It is pretty easy to get to almost everything in these cities and other so-called metropolitan ones. You can find what you’re looking for in areas such as shopping, cinema, theater, and education without any difficulty.

When you go a little further out of the cities or settle in small towns around big cities, you can be close to all these opportunities and live in a house as you wish, in natural life. If you’re dreaming of a big house with a garden but want to live in a city like Istanbul, some districts inside or outside of Istanbul are just for you. Or, if you’re going to get away from the crowds and live in a more temperate area, you can choose the less crowded and quiet towns of cities further south, such as ?zmir, Mu?la, and Antalya. If you also have your private car, you can find the peaceful life you’re looking for without having any problems commuting to and from the city whenever you want.

If you want a lively, crowded life, you can live in all these cities known as metropolitan cities. Although life will be a little more stressful and crowded, it will be even easier to reach everything you’re looking for. Or you can get away from the cities and live in the foothills of the mountains and plateaus. If you decide to live in these places, which have different air and water, but where you will have a little more difficulty in terms of transportation, there is no doubt that you will spend your life in a very healthy and peaceful way!

Turkey is a diverse country in every way; you have so many options to explore where you want to live!

5. Commercial Vitality / Young Population

Turkey is a great country to live in, as well as a suitable country for starting a business. A considerable part of Turkey is currently made up of a young population. This population, which is young and dynamic, is quite willing to work and learn. Additionally, Turkey is a very suitable country for manufacturing for location advantage and exchange rate difference as a logistics advantage. You can produce in Turkey or create successful businesses by establishing start-ups, an area that the educated young population loves as employment. As a technologically fast-moving and growing country, Turkey is a good start for you in every sense, and it will also have advantages for you in many ways when you want to open up to other markets.

If you want to live a calmer life and take advantage of the efficiency of Turkey, you can also produce agricultural products in Turkey by taking advantage of state-sponsored loans or other benefits. Mainly because of the rise of organic agriculture in the world and in Turkey, if you have such an experience, desire, or interest, Turkey will definitely embrace you in this sense.

If you want to come to Turkey and live here, you should hire a guide you trust in every sense. If you’re going to come with your business, home, or even your family and looking for an address you can trust to choose reliable places, we are here as Propline and are always ready to help you! You can consult us with all your questions and problems.

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