A Fascination In The Aegean: Muğla, Bodrum

Bodrum, the charm of Turkey, a blessing for its residents with its gracious nature, smooth azure sea, the very symbol of elegance and fascination in the Aegean part of Turkey… Bodrum or Halicarnassus as its ancient name, which is located in the province of Muğla, is one of the most popular tourist sites in the entire globe. 

Bodrum was once a sleepy fishing village that was established on the ruins of the ancient Halicarnassus of Caria, in the past few decades, however, the city has undergone a golden age and evolved into a popular summer vacation destination for millions of tourists who travel from all across the world. Because of the well-known Blue Voyage and the particular attention of contemporary artists from both Turkey and other countries, the city has gained a lot of prominence in recent years.


The Charm of Bodrum

The “Blue Anatolia” as the acclaimed author Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, aka the “Fisherman of Halicarnassus” calls it, Bodrum is part of a great coastline of Turkey which is also the part of the renowned “Blue Voyage”. He contributed to Bodrum a lot through his writings and activities such as his touristic guiding, teaching the local folks plantation of trees, and becoming a face of the intellectuals who settled in Bodrum for inspiration in their creative works. 

Talking about Bodrum, the Fisherman once said, which is also printed in a welcoming sign in Turkish and English for both domestic and foreign visitors, stating, "When you reach the top of the hill, you will overlook Bodrum. Don't assume you'll return the same as you came. The people who came before you were also the same. They all left their spirits behind when they departed.”

Are you ready for such a journey to Bodrum? Maybe you’ll also leave your soul behind, who knows?

Which part of Turkey is Bodrum in?

Bodrum is a Turkish town with a population of more than 35,000 located in the southwestern part of the country. The Aegean Island of Cos sits directly across the sea from it at the northern tip of the Gulf of Kerme (the ancient Ceramic Gulf). It is one of the towns of Muğla province of Turkey. 

Bodrum’s History

In Bodrum, you can find signs from ancient times since the city has a rich history.

Bodrum is the meeting place of many illustrious historical figures, including Herodotus, the Father of History, Artemisia I, who gained fame in the Battle of Salamis, Alexander the Great, who besieged Halicarnassus and Ada of Caria who surrendered it to him, the Knights Hospitaller, who constructed Bodrum Castle, Suleiman the Magnificent who conquered it and many others.

The Hospitallers, a Crusading order, conquered Bodrum in 1402 and built it on the ruins of ancient Halicarnassus. The Ottoman ruler Süleyman I the Magnificent captured it in 1522, the Petronium, or Castle of St. Peter had remained a Christian fortress till the Ottomans took it. The castle is still the town's most recognizable feature. 

Halicarnassus' Mausoleum of Mausolus, Caria's monarch (4th century BCE), is also noteworthy since it is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Between 1919 and 1921, Italy briefly invaded the town. Bodrum has been recently an increasingly popular tourist destination because of its attractive location against a backdrop of lush greenery.  

Why Bodrum Is a Great Place to Visit

Why are people choosing Bodrum above other globally known vacation spots? There are numerous reasons to visit Bodrum, the weather, beaches, nature, nightlife, food, its elegant and high lifestyle and more… Thanks to its welcoming environment and the presence of many intellectuals of different occupations such as writers, artists, actors, and other well-known people who own second homes here, it has a very multicultural atmosphere. 

Bodrum is a great place to visit and live in. A beautiful landscape of Bodrum during sunset with sea and green spaces.

In addition to being a more affordable vacation destination (or a second residence for expats) than Lake Como or the Cote d'Azur, Bodrum has been a favorite among socialites since the 1950s.

Among the affluent and famous people having second homes here are Kate Moss, Michael Schumacher, Tom Hanks, Ryan Giggs, Uma Thurman, and members of the British and Saudi royal families. 

Read our piece on why you should have a second home just in case: “A Second Home: Everybody Should Have a Plan B, right?”

Weather of Bodrum

The climate in Bodrum is the Mediterranean. The average high temperature in the winter is 15 °C (59 °F), while the average high temperature in the summer is 34 °C (93 °F), with plenty of sunny and dry days. Winters are pleasant and often sunny, and summers are hot and muggy.

Bodrum's climate is affected by the Mediterranean climate, so it does not experience very cold winters

You are most probably to have pleasant weather with average temperatures between 20 degrees Celsius (68°F) and 26 degrees Celsius (79°F) during the months of April, May, October, and November.

Beaches of Bodrum

The beaches of Bodrum draw a lot of local and foreign tourists. This well-known city on the Aegean coast has pristine seas ideal for snorkelling, diving, and a variety of other water sports. While many beaches are run by beach bars and restaurants, if you go off the usual route, you can find some public beaches that you can use for free.

Bodrum is famous for its beautiful beaches. A sand beach in Bodrum.

You'll notice diverse scenery if you travel farther out into the towns and villages outside of Bodrum's city center. With this list of the top beaches in Bodrum below, we show you where the locals flock for a coastal vacation, from secluded coves and picturesque hillsides to a contemporary marina with superyachts owned by the Turkish wealthy:

  1. Bitez 
  2. İçmeler 
  3. Ortakent 
  4. Gümbet 
  5. Bodrum Sports Club 
  6. Bodrum Town Beach
  7. Karaincir
  8. Yalıkavak
  9. Aspat
  10. Göltürkbükü

What to Do in Bodrum

Although Bodrum is sometimes referred to as the "Saint Tropez of Turkey" due to its upscale celebrity getaways and crystal blue seas, the glitzy tourist town has much more to offer than just beaches. The minute you step into Bodrum, you'll fall in love with its seductive blend of historic archaeological sites, cedar interior towns, and gastronomic delights in a snap of a finger.

And know that you are not the only one who enjoys Bodrum's distinctive blend of contemporary conveniences and timeless charms. It was even chosen by Time Magazine as one of the World's Greatest Places for 2021!

Here is the exclusive list of the most enjoyable things you should do in Bodrum during a posh holiday retreat. 

1. Enjoy the sun in Bodrum

Outside of Bodrum town, the Bodrum Peninsula's beaches are the primary summer lure. From June through August, the shoreline is crowded with sunbathers.  Ortakent, Bitez, Gümbet, and Turgetreis have the most popular beaches, both public and private.  Bodrum Town features two beaches in the middle of town for swimming and sunbathing.  The entire peninsula is popular with domestic and European tourists, so don't anticipate a secluded beach. This is one of Turkey's most popular summer destinations and going to the beach is a must there.

2. Enjoy a Boat Ride

Bodrum is a seaside town. When you need a change of scenery, the most common option to sightsee is by boat. Hundreds of boat cruises are available during the summer, from day trips around the Bodrum Peninsula to multi-day yacht voyages along the coast or to the Greek Islands. Most travelers seeking a day-long or half-day boat trip prefer to book via their hotels. Even on short day and half-day tours, you'll see much of the Aegean's rugged coastline and sunbathe between swimming breaks.

You can enjoy a boat ride in Bodrum. Some islands close to Bodrum's shores.

Full-day Bodrum Peninsula Cruises with lunch include swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and exploring Kara Ada. You may charter a boat with a crew for the day if you don't want to join a group.

3. Visit St. Peter's Castle

St. Peter's Castle is a major Bodrum attraction.

The Castle of St. Peter is a major Bodrum attraction. The Knights Hospitallers of St. John erected the building between 1402 and 1437 and defended portions of the walls. The French Tower, English Tower, and Gatineau Tower lead to the dungeons. During Süleyman the Magnificent's reign, a mosque was erected inside the fortress. The castle's huge halls now house Bodrum's Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

4. Explore Underwater Archaeology Museum

Inside Bodrum's underwater archeology meuseum.

Even if you're not interested in underwater archaeology, this museum at the Castle of St. Peter is a must-see. It's been restructured and rebuilt, with displays in upper-level halls. Multimedia exhibits augment artifacts from underwater finds and excavations on the Bodrum Peninsula.  The Serçe Liman Glass Wreck chamber showcases a 16-meter Byzantine ship from 1026 CE. Amphorae and glass artifacts from its cargo are on display. Other rooms include Bronze Age shipwreck findings, amphorae, and Mycenaean-era pottery artifacts.

5. See a Seven Wonders Relic

Seven Wonders Relic is a place you must visit in Bodrum.

This mound of old marble and debris was once one of the ancient world's seven wonders. Pytheos erected King Mausolus' Mausoleum at Halicarnassus (376-353 BC).  The 46-meter-tall tower was embellished with friezes by the best Greek artists of the day. The Knights Hospitallers utilized its stones to create the Castle of St. Peter, despite seismic damage throughout the years. The current location is worth a visit if only to say you've visited one of the seven ancient marvels. On-site is a mausoleum scale replica.

6. Aegean Actions

Bodrum's beaches provide a variety of water activities for more energetic guests.  Bitez, Ortakent, and Gümbet are popular for kayaking and parasailing. Paddleboarding is provided in Turgutreis and Camel Beach in Ortakent.  A few providers in the Bodrum area offer to kitesurf.

7. Bodrum Old Town

A beautiful alley with flowers in Bodrum Old Town.

Bodrum's most fascinating region is behind the beach, market, and marina. Bodrum's bougainvillea-draped and vine-clad whitewashed houses give it an Aegean atmosphere and beauty that sets it apart from other coastal tourist areas, like Fethiye.  These twisting roads are the most attractive section of Bodrum for photographers, and you can still sense the fishing community it once was. Best to stroll aimlessly along the little streets of the waterfront. Central alleyways have cafés and restaurants for strolling pitstops.

8. Bazaar Shopping

Bazaar in Bodrum is a colorful and beautiful place. You can't miss a visit to Bodrum's Bazaar.

Bodrum offers shopping galore. Modern bazaar alleyways stretch behind St. Peter's Castle. Restaurant-goers wander here after dark.  Bodrum's bazaar is upscale, featuring stores rather than vendors. There are Turkish and Central Asian fabrics, colorful local ceramics, and hand-crafted woodwork, plus gold stores, beachwear, and fashion. The neighborhood has restaurants, ice cream, and dessert stores.  Bodrum is about shopping after sunbathing.

9. Bodrum's Historic Windmills Offer the Best Sunset View.

Bodrum's Historic Windmills Offer the Best Sunset View

Bodrum's windmills exist on the slope separating Bodrum Bay and Gümbet Bay.  The windmills do not promise much, but the panoramic views of Bodrum and Gümbet bays surely do, and it's a favorite place to watch the sunset.  The hilltop is a two-kilometer, medium-incline hike from Bodrum marina. Don't walk it at noon.  Early morning winds make this an enjoyable walk, not a struggle.

10. Stratonikeia Day Trip

This ancient site is near Bodrum but attracts few tourists. If you've visited more famous ancient cities in Turkey, such as Ephesus, this is a welcome contrast.  Since the Bronze Age Hittite era, the site has been populated, although the earliest monuments originate from the Classical era when Stratonikeia became an important commercial connection.

Stratonikeia was constantly inhabited until the early years of the contemporary Turkish Republic as Eskihisar.  Although the community was transferred a few kilometers away from Stratonikeia, numerous people still live there, and several Ottoman-era monuments and palaces from the 19th century have been maintained.  This makes Stratonikeia a uniquely layered site, where you can walk from the Hellenistic theatre carved into the slope to the spectacular double-arched northern entrance.  Stratonikeia is 75 km northeast of Bodrum on the Bodrum-Muğla Highway.

11. Bodrum Theatre

Bodrum Theater has been an important place in Bodrum since a long time ago in history.

Bodrum's old theatre may be modest by Roman standards, but the views from the upper tiers are excellent.  In the 4th century, it contained 13,000 people.  Bodrum's theatre hosts summer activities and concerts. Seeing a play at the theatre is the best way to imagine how it was utilized in Halicarnassus' heyday.  Opposite the theatre, you may take panoramic photographs of central Bodrum.

12. Myndos Gate

This gate is the last remaining piece of King Mausolus' seven-kilometer-long fortification walls encircling Halicarnassus. This modest cluster of remains includes tomb and steel slabs and the vestiges of a 4th-century moat encircling the gate pieces.  The location may be visited on the way back from the marina, mausoleum, and theatre.

The Life in Bodrum

Bodrum’s Economy

Fishing and sponge diving strongly influenced Bodrum’s economy until the 20th century, but tourism now accounts for the majority of the local economy. Bodrum's local residents mostly rely on tourism as a source of income.

A view of yachts in Bodrum. Bodrum's economy is highly related to tourism and many investors invest in tourism in Bodrum.


Bodrum, one of Turkey's most popular and long-standing resorts, is now a vital location for both tourism and yachting. In the summer, Bodrum's population increases significantly.

The town has a thriving port, excellent beaches, and vibrant nightlife. Bodrum has developed into an extremely popular tourist destination, especially for northern Europeans, due to its stunning coastline and lively nightlife. Bodrum draws people with creative backgrounds, inspiring them to select the area as their secondary dwellings. Many of these individuals could become regulars who would remain throughout the year. In addition to business-minded investors and package visitors, Bodrum now attracts a large number of artists, poets, and singers.

The tourism boom has boosted Bodrum's retail industry, as well. Shopping is among the most popular leisure pursuits in Bodrum. This town is highly recognized for its leather items, especially for its traditional woven sandals.

On the peninsula of Bodrum, fresh golf courses are presently being planned and constructed. Golf is becoming more popular in Turkey these days. The golf resorts are eager to draw guests. Yachting, boating, swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving are the other popular pastimes besides golf.

Numerous individuals have come to understand Bodrum's enormous potential as a superb and affordable alternative to other countries. Demand for real estate in Bodrum is rising as a result of the area's popularity with international investors looking to purchase property there.

Health Services of Bodrum

In order to give us the finest medical treatment possible when we need it, several healthcare facilities and hospitals in Bodrum perform a wide range of medical services.

Health services in Bodrum.


The Ministry of Health is still the main supplier of healthcare services, despite the fact that the number of private hospitals has increased over the past ten years or more. As on the Bodrum Peninsula, the majority of cities, towns, and villages have state-owned hospitals or primary care facilities.

The healthcare system in tiny but well-liked tourist locations like Bodrum has also been altering in response to the growing demand for health tourism worldwide. A number of national clinics and labs, as well as two sizable national private hospital groups in Turkey, have opened Bodrum branches in recent years. This is in addition to the health ministry's Bodrum State Hospital.

With the introduction of national hospital brands, hospitals in Bodrum have begun to provide nearly all medical treatments available in major cities like Istanbul and Ankara. You may be confident that the health and safety services in Bodrum are efficient and dependable in the event of an emergency as a consequence.

Hospitals in Bodrum

Hospitals provide routine diagnostic and therapeutic services throughout the year, during regular business hours. However, all hospitals offer emergency services that are available around the clock if you want assistance late at night or on the weekend.

Turkish has the word "acil" for “emergency”. The "ACIL" or "ACIL SERVIS" signs at their entrances identify emergency services.

An international city is Bodrum. Hospitals in Bodrum, unlike many other Turkish cities and towns, provide multilingual services, primarily in English, to better serve you and make you feel at home.

Bodrum State Hospital is the only hospital that is owned by the government, here are the main hospitals in Bodrum:

  • American Hospital Bodrum
  • Bodrum State Hospital 
  • Acibadem Bodrum Hospital

As one of the only centres in Turkey for inert gas narcosis besides Istanbul and Canakkale, the Bodrum State Hospital has pressure chambers available for those of you who are interested in scuba diving in Bodrum.

Other Medical Facilities

Primary Care Clinics, often known as healthcare centres, are tiny clinics providing basic diagnosis and care. The Ministry of Health mostly oversees them during regular business hours. They do not, however, provide emergency care as hospitals do.

The peninsula's towns all have healthcare facilities. All are included on the Ministry of Health's official website. The usage of healthcare facilities is widespread. The location of the hospital in that particular town is usually known to taxi drivers, residents, and your reception. Bodrum has hundreds of medical and dental offices in addition to the hospitals and primary care facilities mentioned above. 

Education in Bodrum

Turkey's population is among the youngest in Europe, and as a result, there is a considerable need for nurseries and schools in Bodrum, too. As a result, a number of expansion plans have been implemented in an effort to lessen the pressure on currently operating schools. Class sizes have increased often to levels that are much greater than what would be anticipated in many European nations. According to government statistics, the nation is presently concentrating on lowering the average class size from 50 to 30, by combining school expansion and hiring more instructors. In Turkey, there is a focus on teaching computer skills and solid foreign language understanding to young people.

There are a lot of private schools in Turkey as well; the nearest is the 750-student co-educational boarding school Marmara Koleji Bodrum. Many private schools now offer the International Baccalaureate program in addition to teaching the Turkish curriculum. 

Bodrum Transportation

Bodrum is a walkable city.


Within the municipal limits of Bodrum, there is a sizable bus network, and the city's major bus terminal offers convenient connections to other adjacent Turkish regions. Despite being regular and dependable during the day, services are not provided until late at night. The region is well connected by water providing access to the adjacent Greek and Turkish Islands, and several services run daily from the port, making it possible to go farther afield. The closest airport is around 40 kilometers away. Visitors usually need to arrange for private transportation to get to the downtown area. Many people who live in cities frequently use taxis to go around; like in many other nations, the fare is calculated based on distance. 

Why You Should Invest in Bodrum

Bodrum is an expanding town that offers its resident a comfortable way of living and high standards when it comes to lifestyle. With its multicultural atmosphere, great touristic facilities, warm weather, and intellectual community, famous or not, Bodrum is the ultimate choice of many people with different backgrounds and cultures. 

Bodrum offer endless investmentg chances.


Since it’s a globally acknowledged favorite vacation and summer resort spot for many, the value of the properties in Bodrum is constantly on the rise and many state projects and investments are supporting the reason for the high value of the properties there. So, investing in Bodrum, thanks to the very profitable return of investment, would be a wise move, as much as having a second home and living there. 

Remember, “Everybody Should Have a Plan B, right?”

Trust in Propline and its rich branded property portfolio in Bodrum and you don’t have to “leave your soul behind”, after visiting Bodrum as the Fisherman of Halicarnassus described it. 

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