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You purchased a residence, remotely or in-person, and got back home and packed your stuff into a suitcase, took a plane, and arrived at your new residence. But you can’t live in it since it’s freakishly empty because no one took care of the furnishing.

Just for you to enjoy your brand-new property, either a house or office, without thinking about any troubles related to furniture, we have an amazing service called Decoration & Furnishing. We can either take care of the furnishing and decoration task for you and deliver you a fully furnished and an amazingly elegant property or we can help you get your decoration and furniture by finding you the right people and right companies.

Decoration & Furnishing

There are three types of services we provide within the Decoration & Furnishing service:

1. You Buy it, We Discount It!

If you would like to choose and buy your furniture yourself, it’s fine, we work with some of the great furniture companies with exquisite lines of products in the market and they are ready to get you really good discount rates on their products when you prove that you are a dear client of Propline. With a QR code or a discount code, you can buy furniture and decoration yourself according to your aesthetic pleasure at a significantly discounted price.  

2. Turnkey Property

You just choose a concept of décor and furnishing style and we under the guidance of our interior architect deliver you a fully furnished turnkey property. It could be fundamentals such as the furniture of living room set, curtains, bedroom suite, electronic devices, wardrobes, lightings, small home appliances, or small details like bed sheets, pillows, bathrobes, slippers, or even cushions… Every kind of good and furniture is included within this useful service of Decoration & Furnishing. Thanks to this tailor-made service, the piece of property you’ve just bought becomes a liveable space; a cozy home, a fully functioning office, or whatever you want it to be. 

3. Customized Furniture

Maybe you need some customized furniture or goods based on your space and needs. No worries, we got it all covered, too! We get your order via the Propline app or website with a detailed description of your need and request, what kind of furniture you need, where and why to use it and also the sizes. Based on this order, we give you an estimated offer. If you accept the price of the services, we send a furniture specialist to your property to get the measure himself/herself. According to this measurement, maybe we can revise our first offer. After the revised offer, if you would like to acquire the service with a revised price, we just kick off the production process and deliver the piece of customized furniture to your property. 

All these services within the Decoration & Furnishing are only available as long as you register your property to the Propline system.

1You Buy it, We Discount It!

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2Turnkey Property:

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3Customised Furniture:

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