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Investing in properties abroad can be a profitable venture for international investors. However, managing investment properties in a foreign country can be a daunting task, especially without local knowledge and expertise. From legal and regulatory requirements to tenant management and property maintenance, international investors face unique challenges in managing their investment properties. At Propline, we offer all-in-one property management services designed to assist international investors in overcoming these challenges and ensuring their investment properties are well-maintained, profitable, and hassle-free.

Professional Property Management Services

When you are new to the region, out of town, or when simply don’t have enough time to spare to manage your property, we take care of it for you instead. Using our strong operational capabilities and state-of-the-art know-how, we make sure that things run smoothly in your house when you currently live in it, or when you get back from a long vacation, you just enjoy the comfort and coziness of your residence as if you never left.


Property Management is the most comprehensive and detailed of our concierge services and the strongest suit of Propline. Thanks to the fact that no other company in the world provides this kind of all-in-one service, this is where we step in. So, it becomes the exact point where we make difference in the global real estate market with our all-inclusive Property Management service. It is also super easy! You just open a current account in the Propline system, put money into it via your credit card or bank transfer, and let us take care of the rest for you. The only price for this all-inclusive service is just 50 $ per month.

Please note that it may take up to 2 business days for a Propline expert to reach you. 




  • 1

    All-Inclusive & Cost-Effective

    This long list of services detailed below are only for 50 $ per month!
  • 2

    Transparent & Accountable

    Every step of the management process will be available for you to monitor and control.
  • 3

    Best Know-How in the Market

    Best servicing agents in the field will be at your disposal to manage your property and your life!
  • 4

    No Conflict Guaranteed with Governing Bodies

    You will not have any kind of difficulty or conflict with the local laws and public offices.
How does the property management system work

What You Need to Know!

  • Only for the 1st year, you pay the total yearly fee. (600$)
  • Afterward, you only pay a monthly fee (as long as you want it to keep going- 50$)
  • Payments to 3rd parties, taxes, legal fees, insurance premiums, payments to public offices, and utility services shall be paid from your Propline account on the basis of actual invoices. 
  • This service is only available if there is enough credit in your Propline account
  • You can monitor and control everything via the Propline website or mobile app

Let’s check out what Propline Property Management is all about:

1. Property Take Over

Purchasing the property is one thing, taking it over is another. When you are a client of Propline and purchase a house, doesn’t matter whether you buy it via Propline or not, and if you come to us to manage it, first we start with its legal takeover tasks from the developer, which is very complicated when you are not local since there are loads of paperwork, an intense inspection and you only learn how to do them by actually doing them. So, it could cost you a lot of money, a lot of time, and energy.

At Propline, we save you from all those troubles by taking over your house in your name and delivering it to you safe and sound. 

2. Contracting the Utility Services

Utilities mean everything that makes a property a liveable space. Fundamental ones are electricity, heating, natural gas, water, and such. Technological utilities are the ones such as internet, phone, TV, or security. Making a utility service contract with a supplier could be troublesome when you don’t know which service supplier is the most suitable and affordable one for you, how to do a contract with them, where to go, and who to speak to

If you subscribe to our Property Management service, we can take care of all of them for you easily.

3. Property Tax

When you purchase a piece of immovable property, either a residential or commercial, in a country, there comes out a bunch of responsibilities you have to cover for the state of that country, foremost of these is the taxes. An official declaration of the immovable properties you have acquired and the incomes you have gained over them should be made to the related state or local departments, depending on the country’s governance type, so that how much tax you are obliged to pay to that country could be calculated properly and all of your immovables become legitimate in the eyes of the government. So, you just let us handle all of these hardships for you when you apply for our Property Management service.

4. Canceling the Utility Services

After contracting a utility service supplier, you could find them too expensive or not as good enough as they claim to be, so you just want to change them with another. That’s totally understandable, with your one word, your servicing agent cancels it and subscribes you to another service. All the canceling applications and dealing with the service suppliers bothering procedures and questionings are taken care of since you are a dear client of Propline’s property management services.

5. Insurance for your Property and for Yourselves

All the insurance policies, either mandatory or optional, you would like to have for your property, secures its safety of it against all kinds of problems such as natural disasters (earthquake, flood, fire, and such), criminal or terrorist acts, etc., we offer them to you at the most affordable price there is since our servicing agent knows the best deal in the market thanks to his specialty in the insurance industry. Some of the insurances that need to be kept tracked because they require renewal in a certain period of time, we keep track of them for you, we either kindly remind you to do it or if you give us legal authority, we do them for you on a regular basis so you don’t even bother to think about them. 


If you might just need some of the individual insurance policies for yourselves such as health, motor, traffic, personal retirement, travel, life, etc. Every kind of insurance service is included within the property management service since for Propline caring for a property requires also caring for a property holder, as well.

6. Income Tax Return

In almost every country of the world, when you have a certain level of income from your properties, you have to officially declare your yearly income to the state so that the appropriate tax rate for you could be specified and you could pay taxes only according to your income, not more, not less than deemed appropriate based on the laws and regulations of that country. Also accounting for how much money you get in return at the end of a year is determined according to your income declaration and tax payment.


When you subscribe to our Property Management service and if your property is rented or if you have any type of income from your property, with the help of a business partner, who happens to be a very decent professional accounting-wise, we do all these declarations, accounting, in short, boring jobs instead of you and you do not just hustle the laws and regulations, you just think about your own budget.


And if you would like a more comprehensive accounting service, not just property-related, you could check out our exclusive CPA services.

7. Following Up on Your Payments

At Propline, all kinds of financial transactions could be monitored and supervised by our clients because we choose to carry out these jobs in the most transparent way there is. For your payments are scheduled by your servicing agent, you do not need to care about your upcoming payments, your bills, taxes, and such. We follow up and make the regular and necessary payments from your account for you. And you… You just sit back and relax while your payments are taken care of. 

8. Complex Management

When you live in an apartment complex or building complex, there are some common responsibilities and shared fees that all of the people living there should undertake in an equal way such as maintenance charges, fees, common services like security or concierge, etc... Could be the smallest of details, but we take care of it, as well, which is one of the great benefits of Property Management services, we cover all the tiny details in your living, so you don’t need to. Also your relationship with the site management, we represent you and manage your relations with them, too. 

9. Guarantee to Follow Up

One of the positive things about buying a branded property is the guarantee that construction companies have to provide about the durability of the property that they sold you. The time of this durableness guarantee is 2 years, which means for two years when you have something wrong other than standard wear and tear with your property, based on the laws and regulations they are under the obligation to repair it without charging any cost to the property owner.


These insider tips and more will be provided to you since you have the Property Management service package which will be all available for you to exploit fully.

10. Rental Services for your Property

Maybe you just bought that piece of property for an investment purpose, or you want to earn money from it by giving it as a rental. All the processes starting from finding the right tenant, who could afford to pay the rent on time and on a regular basis, to making a rental agreement, and transferring the necessary subscriptions and utilities to the tenant are covered by our Property Management service when you prefer to benefit it by subscribing it.

After renting it out, we do not leave it there, we also monitor your tenant, whether s/he’s paying rent without any delay, appropriately using your piece of property, or fulfilling his/her responsibilities towards shared dues in the building or complex.


11. Legal Procedures

Last but not least, all of the legal procedures, which should be followed up regularly and scheduled, whether, about you or your property, we support you with them, as well. To find you the right legal office according to your needs, the right legal counselor who would be contacting you in your preferred language, either in English or if it’s available in your native language, we refer you to some of the best and most affordable lawyers we know who would do everything in their power to solve your legal disputes.  
When you like to hire, the ones we have suggested for you, from that point on, even though we continue supporting you only by monitoring the situation and following up on certain deadlines for you, it becomes more between you and that legal office you’d like to work with since the issue is, you know, beyond our jurisdiction.


Please note that it may take up to 2 business days for a Propline expert to reach you. 

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