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When we say Propline will be with you in every step of your investment journey, we really mean it. These steps could be the things like purchasing the right property to invest, its registration, or procedural things. But part of the journey could also be the special days, right? In Propline, we never let a special day just slip by. You plan to celebrate your birthday but don’t know which place to hold the party? We are there for you. An anniversary?


Your reservation at the best restaurant and the best table on the house. And if you think you find the special one and unite your lives with the wedding of your dreams, let us plan the whole thing for you!


If it’s about planning a grand day, we and our capable partners in the event industry will be at your service all the time. Baby shower, boat party, engagement, or even proposal... You just keep dreaming and we keep realizing them!

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Special Organizations:<br> Your Dream, Our Organization
Best Restaurants with Great Discounts

Best Restaurants with Great Discounts

Turkish, Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern, European? Depends on your taste. Choose the best cuisine of your liking and we give you the best restaurants with great discounts. If you log in and verify that you are a dear client of Propline, you could taste the delicacies of the country you invest in or settle in with very good rates of discount. So you fancy an expensive meal?

Let us simply make it more affordable for you. 

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