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Your Property in Expert Hands

In line with Propline’s vision of making the moving to next country as easy as moving to your next street, this exclusive service under the Propline’s total concierge services is the complementary one facilitating a possible move to another country for the new settlers coming from a different country and don’t know how the things work or are not familiar with the way of things around that country and also for international property investors who are seeking to rent out their newly-purchased property to collect the return of their investment in a longer but profitable term.

Thanks to the staging and maintenance service, we renovate or customize your property exactly as you want it to be, and you do not need to worry about fixing and repairing things let alone finding the right professionals at affordable prices. If you want to find out more about this exclusive service, please scroll down and keep reading.

Your Property in Expert Hands


Imagine that you bought a house or an office or let’s just say, a piece of property, but you didn’t like some of the finishing materials used in it or you need some additional construction to be made such as enclosing your balcony with full height glass and railings. We with our exceptional staging services provided by our outsourced staff consisting of interior architects and construction foremen are at your service to deliver your property as exactly as you want it to be. And it doesn’t even make any difference if you purchase that property with Propline or not, we serve you anyway.  

How Does it Work?

  • You apply the service online and describe your order
  • Inspection of the property is made by the specialist
  • Quotation and deadline are given to you based on the inspection
  • With your approval, the building process kicked off
  • We control and check the work of our building squad
  • And we deliver!


During the inspection, if any need arises such as obtaining permission, legal license, or the legal approval of your neighbors living in that complex for the construction you order, we also cover those points of the staging process. We apply the necessary public offices; get the official permissions and you don’t have any conflictual situation for the staging to be carried out. 


The only condition for us to carry out staging is that your property should be empty, and no one should be using it in the meantime of the staging.



When something is broken in your house or something not functioning well, for basic and local repairments, alterations or modifications need mostly to have the fundamental utility services properly, like electricity, gas, heating installations, etc., you may use our maintenance services. 

It doesn’t matter whether you buy the property via Propline or not, with its team made up of highly qualified specialists and foremen in their field, our maintenance service offers you the best solution possible for the repairment necessary to carry out on your property.


The only condition for us to carry out maintenance is that either you should be present on the property and supervising when the service is delivered or the property should be empty and not in use. 

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Should you have any questions, or if you would like a detailed breakdown of the exact costs for your family, kindly contact us and we will be delighted to help you.